Friendship weekend with IPA Uroczysko- Piechowice

In the Karkonosze wilderness, a group of 55 people from the Uroczysko-Piechowice IPA Region met with representatives of the Lower Silesian IPA Voivodeship Group and members from IPA Jelenia Góra and representatives from UK IPA group. It was an opportunity to talk about the cases of the Association, but most of all to adopt the Region's plan for the next year, and also to welcome new members. The second meeting of the IPA structures was held under the banner of “Oaks of the Century”. 

Almost one hundred trees were planted to protect the environment and to add splendor to the activities of IPA Uroczysko-Piechowice!

As part of our Association, new dynamically operating Regions are established. One of them is IPA Uroczysko-Piechowice, established only two years ago. The founding concept of the Uroczysko-Piechowice region provides for gathering people associated with the anti-terrorist community working in the structures of the Police. Of course, this applies to people who are currently serving in these units, as well as those who are already retired or who have come into contact with these specialized units in uniformed formations on their professional path.

Members of the mentioned Region regularly try to introduce innovations within the IPA activities and organize meetings not only in the national but also international group. This was the case at the beginning of October at the IPA Uroczysko-Piechowice, which was visited by members of the Association from Lower Silesia and United Kingdom, whilst in 2019, ORAZIO ANANIA from Italy was hosted.

The weekend of friendship was inaugurated by the President of the Region Władysław Leszczyński, who welcomed a guest from faraway Albion, Rob Stenhouse, a representative of IPA Defensive Tactics, as well as those who had traveled much shorter distance to meet in the forests of the Karkonosze Mountains. They included, among others Bartłomiej Majchrzak from the Lower Silesian Voivodeship Group, as well as a member of the board Fryderyk Orepuk and a representative of the neighboring Jelenia Góra Region - Rafał Gula.

During the first day, several discussions were held on changes in the management board, declarations of new members were accepted, a training session was conducted along with a demonstration entitled “Saving a Friend's Life”.

The second day was much more active, mainly physically, because the participants of the meeting planted almost 100 oaks as part of celebrating the activities of the Association! Everyone who financially supported this action received a special plaque with their nickname and the name, which was given to the tree. At the same time, declaring himself to take care of the oak growing on the slopes of the Sudetes.

The last day of this weekend was even more active than the previous one. All because the participants of the meeting went to the summit of Śnieżka, taking part in the #70IPAChallenge campaign, aimed at celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the International Police Association. Nine members of the IPA with accompanying persons reached the summit of Śnieżka - 1602 meters above sea level, while receiving commemorative badges.

This weekend ended with the meeting at the summit of Śnieżka, during which, according to the slogan Servo per Amikeco, members of IPA from various countries and different Regions talked, discussed and exchanged views. Members of IPA Uroczysko-Piechowice already have very ambitious plans for their further activities and it is possible that similar meetings will be held next year, and more than once.
Text: Krzysztof Marcjan; Translation: Marcin Rozmus, IPA Uroczysko- Piechowice, Poland

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